About RIA Inspections

RIA oversees a comprehensive and detailed inspections system of asylum seeker accommodation.Inspections are carried out by an in-house inspectorate within RIA and also by an independent company with expertise in fire and food safety. The contract for independent inspectionsis currentlyheld by QTS Ltd. As far as possible, every effort is made to inspect accommodation centres approximately three times annually - twice by the internal RIA inspection team and once by the independent inspection company QTS. The purpose of an inspection is to assess the physical condition of the centre and to ensure that the services contracted by RIA are being delivered by the contractor.All inspections carried out by RIA staff or the external inspection company are unannounced.

All RIA accommodation centres are also subject toinspection by various other statutory bodies in relation to activities carried out on site, on the same basis as any entity providing accommodation, catering and other services. These may be either announcedor unannounced. Theseinclude inspections with regard to fire safety, food and environmental safety, child welfare and inspections into on-site pre-schools/creches where applicable.